and the back of my jade house~ front can be seen here

progression of the front of my jade house! more shots here

found a perfect little cavern in which to start building my jade house 0:

"Old wounds, old regrets. They will serve no purpose on the rest of your journey."

Next up in my dogged mission to build a house in the name of every major Homestuck character - a perennial favorite, Aranea Serket.

i sleep for five hours


to the anon who wanted a world download for the gamzee house, lemme just upload it reel quick and stuff u3u

one of the downsides to having legit minecraft is that you have yet another password to forget 8(

eridan decided to make a huge ass ship on the server so i thought why not start my feferi house close by. very obviously still a WIP, but i’m getting there! (also those squids are tied to a fence post by the window. eridan’s idea.)

asdasdasdcelsii-deactivated2014: jeSUS CHRIST IM LOOKING @ THE SERVER FILES AND YOU MADE A gAYBABY JAIL?? im so rry but im laughign fuck



i built the spawn for our server;; it’s rly basic but i’m hella new to servers n stuff gomen

thing is eridan and i have a server now and i’m tempted to make the rest of my homestuck houses on it but if something happens to it they’ll be lost forever and i dunno how i feel about that i feel weird just knowing that i’ll never see lincoln again and that was just a titchy little stone cabin so

okay so eridan and i were mucking around on the server and we found this chest out in the middle of nowhere; first time round there was more valuable stuff inside, diamonds and emeralds and things, but we were chicken to take it because we’re not in the Pixel Revolution faction and griefing and ye

this screenshot is from the second time i visited it, with the admin, and he says the admin command for PIXL’s base was glitched so anyone could use it and they ended up being robbed a heck of a lot as a result

someone left a chest full of their best stuff out for Pixel Revolution, but the thing is neither PIXL nor PR play on this server in any more. (so i got permission to take the stuff…) we found PIXL’s base a little ways up from there, and i think eridan found PR’s too at some point, but while both of them are enormous they really do seem to be deserted now and it’s just sad

man the thought of that chest just lying out in the open with that sign is giving me the heebs for some reason;;

my first time on a server as well as first time playing in anything but creative+peaceful mode! joined a faction with this lovely person here but i am absolutely terrible at doing anything besides prettying up houses, so i stuck to that and he did most of the mining rly haha;;